Construction of Miano -19 Well Location & Wellhead

Project: Construction of Miano -19 Well Location & Wellhead Development
Project, laying of 2.4 KM 6” Dia Flowline and 7.5 Km 12 Core FOC
Location: Khanpur Mahar (Sindh) Distt: Ghotki
Period: 45 Days (Year 2015/2016)
Scope: Construction of Access Road, Rig Camp Location etc.
Construction of pits & Installation of Fence around the Well site.
Prefabrication of Pipes/ Structures/ Supports
Civil works (Excavation, Foundation, Backfill, etc)
Field work (Pipe/ Structure Installation, Hookup, Alignment etc)
Instrumentation and Control System Work
Installation and Commissioning of Equipment (Wellhead Coolers,
Wellhead Control Panels, C.I Skid, Sour Gas Skid etc)
Laying of 6” dia 2.4 Km flowline from Miano-19 to Miano-01 Tie-in.
Laying of 7.5 Km 12 core Fiber Optic Cable from Miano 19 to Miano-9
including splicing, jointing and OTDR complete in all respect.